Natural Gas Equipment Inspection

BBQ and Gas Equipment Inspection

We perform a thorough inspection of all components and provide an estimate of recommended parts and service to get the optimal performance from your barbecue and gas equipment.

BBQ Cleaning and Repairs

On-and Off-Site Cleaning and Repairs

We offer on-and off-site cleaning and repairs for your convenience. We are fully insured.

In-Line Natural Gas Timers

In-Line Natural Gas Timers

Have your ever forgotten to turn off the barbecue?

We have a solution for you! Let us install this Automatic Timer Safety Shut-off Valve giving you an added measure of safety by shutting off all fuel flow at a preset time. The valve has a flow capacity of 100,000 BTU’s, and is available as a one- or three-hour shut off timer. You will never worry about leaving the gas on again.

Click here for more info on natural gas timers!
Natural Gas Line Installations

Gas Line Installations

Don’t have a natural gas hook up?

No problem! Jim can install a gas line that works for all of your gas needs.

Outdoor Event Propane Setup

Outdoor Special Events

Are you planning an outdoor event that needs propane?

We can help!

We will run all your propane equipment and get it all set up for you.

Food Truck Repairs

Food Trucks + Ribbers

Do you own a food truck or ribber that needs inspections or repairs?

No problem! We can do that too.

We’ll make sure that you’re up and running smoothly.